ALAS Advisor Publishes Spanish Poetry Collection

Professor Khedija Ghadoum, who helped ALAS begin sponsorship of study abroad programs in Mexico, recently published a work of poetry.

ALAS Advisor Khedija Gadhoum has recently published a book of poetry in Spanish.

The collection of works, entitled “Celosías en celo,” was published by Editorial Torremozas in Madrid, Spain.

In this her first published book of poetry, Gadhoum explores the nature of how one’s words can capture time and the spirit within our experiences.

Professor Gadhoum is currently professor of Spanish and International Studies at the University of Georgia in Athens.

She has also managed and taught students on study abroad trips in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Gadhoum is passionate about Latin American film, literature, culture, conversation and composition.

Learn more about her latest work at the links here:

Celosías del recuerdo