ALAS Receives Donation from MediPurpose, Inc.

As 2015 comes to a sunset, ALAS would like to recognize and thank JMG Asia for a year of great support.

Running a non-profit organization is difficult, and finding people and organizations who share our vision can be even more trying.

That is why ALAS is so grateful to have the support of JMG Asia.

In the past year, our sister company JMG Asia has been a huge help to ALAS in contributing funding, resources and other support.

As a product of the ALAS founding team, JMG Asia is a for-profit organization that shares a very similar vision to ALAS. The company specializes in providing work and educational opportunities to young people who are looking to get valuable experience overseas.

JMG partners with other organizations to help provide jobs, internships and even passports and visas to aspiring world travelers. For that reason, the marriage between ALAS and JMG has been a happy one.

In simplest terms, ALAS couldn’t have provided support to our 12 scholarship recipients in 2015 without the financial backing of JMG.

The end of the year is always a good time for reflection and giving thanks. As 2015 comes to a sunset, we would like to recognize our friend and partner JMG Asia. Here’s to a prosperous future for both organizations.