ALAS Receives Donation from MediPurpose, Inc.

ALAS announces that it has received a donation of 10,000 units of the SurgiLance Lite safety lancet from MediPurpose Inc., a medical supply company with offices in the Atlanta area.

ALAS is proud to announce the receipt of a generous in-kind donation from MediPurpose Inc., a medical supply company based in Singapore with offices in the Atlanta area.

ALAS has received 10,000 units of SurgiLance Lite safety lancets, a popular product used for checking and sampling blood.

The Surgilance Lite is a disposable blood sample device primarily used for checking glucose levels. It is safer to use than normal pin lances because the needle has not been exposed before use, minimizing the risk of injury and exposure to infections.

MediPurpose has sold more than 1 billion units of this easy-to-use device, which is safely concealed before and after use, thus protecting users worldwide against contamination and transmission of common blood-borne illnesses.

ALAS plans to distribute boxes of these devices to hospitals and medical professionals in Guadalajara, Mexico, this upcoming summer, when scholarship recipients visit Mexico for the 2016 study abroad trip.

“Having attended health fairs and volunteered at healthcare facilities in Guadalajara over the past few years, I know firsthand that these devices will be hugely beneficial to healthcare professionals who often struggle having enough high quality materials to adequately treat their patients,” said Colleen Walters, Program Director of the Service Learning Mexico Study Abroad Program at Clayton State University. “These kinds of acts of support help us build bridges with other cultures, while also preparing our students for the challenges of a career in healthcare.”

Founded in 1999, MediPurpose is a boutique medical products company that specializes in safety sharps devices and wound care products, while also focusing on product research and development consultation for new medical device inventors and innovative medical product companies.

“We want to sincerely thank the MediPurpose team and founder and CEO Patrick Yi for this incredibly meaningful donation and act of support for our organization,” said Michael Fenton, co-founder of ALAS. “This is a huge moment for us as it demonstrates substantial generosity and commitment to the ALAS mission coming from our local business community.”

ALAS thanks MediPurpose for its contribution. This kind of support not only offers much needed help to those in need, but it’s also a huge boost for aspiring healthcare professionals looking to start their careers and make a difference.

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