Hola 2016: ALAS Announces 2016 Scholarship Winners

ALAS 2016 scholarship recipients awarded, prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.

ALAS is proud to announce the recipients of our 2016 scholarship program.

This year’s class includes 13 students, including one from Morehouse College and 12 from Clayton State University. The students will be traveling this summer to Guadalajara, Mexico, where they will study, volunteer in the local community, interact with other students and faculty and learn valuable Spanish language skills.

Each ALAS student has received a monetary donation that will be used to sponsor the costs of the trip and their academic activities while on the ground in Mexico. These students have shown that they are very deserving of the scholarship, and represent the mission and values of the ALAS organization.

The Atlanta-Latin America Scholarship has now partnered with Clayton State for five years and is proud of our work together. But we are also extremely excited when students from other local universities participate in the program, as is the case once again this year.

To date, we’ve now been able to provide much needed scholarship funding to students from four different Atlanta-area colleges. This is something that remains a priority, as we believe offering opportunities to our local community strengthens our city and region.

Speaking of local support, this year’s class of ALAS students is also sponsored by MediPurpose, Inc., a local provider of medical supplies. MediPurpose has contributed 10,000 units of its popular SurgiLance Lite safety lancets, which the ALAS scholarship recipients will be distributing to various organizations in need in Guadalajara.

ALAS is an organization that believes in rewarding aspiring young people who demonstrate a commitment to their studies and a desire to immerse themselves in foreign cultures and explore opportunities outside their own backyard. The 2016 class is made up of a diverse, talented group of students in the nursing, pre-med and Spanish language disciplines, and will be using their talents to give back to the community in Guadalajara.

It is our sincere belief that this experience will help make them better professionals and better citizens, and will hopefully offer some incredible memories to last them for years to come.

Without further ado, here are the 2016 ALAS scholarship recipients:

Amanda King
Vernetta Younger
Taylor Hill
Natally Bryan
Andria Caton
Patrick Chen
Victoria Purcell
Lois Powell
Ulochi Nwaywu
Madison Briggs
Jackzuly Murray
Ursula Wright
Ariana Berg

We wish the 2016 class much luck and prosperity as they take this first step on a lifelong adventure in learning, travel and exploration of the world.

Que tengan un viaje muy prospero y divertido, chicos!