Internships in Asia, Another Gateway to an International Future

ALAS celebrates the launch of our sister organization, JMG Interns Asia, which specializes in placing students from the West in temporary professional internships in China and Asia.

ALAS is proud to support all organizations with an interest in promoting education through international travel.

We believe, like many wiser human beings before us, that travel is fatal to ignorance and bigotry. We believe that the world is shrinking, and those not prepared to function or thrive in diverse cultural environments will be left in the cold when it comes to a range of wonderful opportunities. And we also believe that education and cultural immersion are the best tools to prepare young people for this increasingly international business landscape.

For these reasons and more, we are big fans of the mission of our sister organization, JMG Interns Asia. Specializing in creating professional business internships in China, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, JMG intends to link aspiring young leaders from the West with the rapidly advancing business climate of the Far East.

Among the many changes of a more globally interconnected economy, the growth of China and Asia has created a wellspring of business and educational opportunity. The emerging economies of East Asia are quickly creating some of the world’s most technologically advanced and prosperous job markets. They are also investing rapidly in the economies of North America, South America and Europe, and creating a more interdependent business world.

JMG accepts applications from students and young professionals looking to get hands on experience on the ground in these Asian countries, and places them in temporary internships in big Asian cities. The object is to match their skills and interests with an appropriate company and help them create an international resume to die for.

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