Whether Young or Not, Just Travel

A link to a thought-provoking piece on the importance of getting out and expanding your worldview.

At ALAS, we encourage the pursuit of happiness, education and personal growth through travel.

And to that end, we like to stay current on a range of great writers and thinkers around the world who take a global perspective to solving problems and learning about oneself.

Recently, we came across this post on the Nomad Capitalist blog, and felt the urge to share it with you all.

It does a good job of eloquently extolling the benefits of studying abroad, while managing to strike an inspiring tone. If you are in an office cubicle, we challenge you to read it without contemplating the liquidation of your assets to fund a trip around the globe. We doubt you can do that. We certainly did not.

Why to travel abroad while you’re young… or not so young

As for the blog itself, we encourage readers to check out some of the material that can be found there. Though it is heavily tilted toward investment and business, there is an undercurrent of travel and learning that really speaks to the heart of what ALAS represents.